Oct 292013
NeverFail Heartbeat DNSupdate for servers not in AD

NeverFail’s Heartbeat allows installation of servers (nodes) in 2 ways:

  • High Availability (HA), commonly called LAN implementation, in which nodes have the same IP address and Packet Filter is responsible for isolating respective node from the network by blocking (filtering) traffic on Principal (public) interface
  • Disaster Recovery (DR), commonly called WAN implementation, in which nodes have different IP addresses and
Jun 202013
SolarWinds Orion Webconsole slow...

Well, that is very common complain. And in majority, and I mean majority cases I came across it is related to the way system’s environment is set up. Starting from the fact that everybody is going virtual without serious review of requirements to meet expectations, to simple DNS mistakes. So to highlight how to go about it:

  1. check OS itself