I’m not much into cars, not even close to what my daughter is, but I would like to get, at some point, Jaguar MK2, and yes you have guessed right, the very one Inspector Morse was driving.

The one below is the very one from Endeavour series


Jaguar MK2 (UK Reg: UFF 325)

and this one from Morse itself


Jaguar MK2 (UK Reg: 248 RPA)

So maybe some time… some day… While Jags are lovely and all that we have to start from something. The time has come to get things moving seriously and get a first car which turned to be… Seat Ibiza 1.0l, 2001, 5 doors. With help of our daughter (Alice) and her boyfriend (John) it has been well mended and brought to spotless condition, as you can see in below pictures:




But everything has its end and BIZA (as she lost I from the name badge) developed some engine issue after having sparkplug busted. Again with Alice’s and John’s help we got replacement car and this time we went for diesel due to distances I have to travel every day commuting to work. So it is white Opel Astra 2.0l Estate, 2001 like the one below:

Opel Astra 2.0l  Estate