Feb 162015
Mount partitions under FreeBSD 10 using diskid

In FreeBSD 10 you will notice that every partition/slice is listed under /dev/diskid/ referencing vendor and a serial number of the physical disk. On my system I can see something like below:


This shows that there is Western Digital hard disk, with serial number WCASJ1263250, which has 1 partition with 1 slice (s1) on it. … MORE

Feb 152015
Hide user accounts on Windows logon screen

To hide user accounts on Windows logon screen:

  1. run Registry Editor (at Run type regedit or regedt32 and press Enter)
  2. once in Registry Editor go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon
  3. in the left panel, right click on Winlogon, select New and click Key
  4. type SpecialAccounts and press Enter
  5. in the left panel right click on SpecialAccounts, select New and click Key
Feb 092015
Observium - new monitoring software

Observium is an autodiscovering network monitoring platform supporting a wide range of hardware platforms and operating systems including Cisco, Windows, Linux, HP, Juniper, Dell, FreeBSD, Brocade, Netscaler, NetApp and many more. Observium seeks to provide a powerful yet simple and intuitive interface to the health and status of your network.

Observium Community is available free and open source. Observium Professional … MORE