Jul 162013
Special characters in SQL user password

Normally SQL Server will allow for user to practically have any characters in password. Even NPM (Core) itself will work with that. Yet I have found recently that NCM will not accept ; (semicolon) in the password throwing some slightly misleading error about license when trying to execute Win32 application.



More to it – Configuration Wizard, for NCM … MORE

Jul 062013
Install SolarWinds' Web Help Desk on other *nix platforms

Since I’m on FreeBSD and was interested to get this up and running I had 2 options to install SolarWinds’ Web Help Desk:

  1. use Solaris/Linux package (TAR/GZ)
    • extract: gzip -d | tar -xf WHD-package.tgz
    • run: whd start
  2. use RedHat package (RPM)
    • extract: rpm2cpio WHD-package.rpm | cpio -idm
    • run: whd start

Seems Solaris/Linux package may be no longer available but … MORE